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Two Types of Item Conduits

I love the mod and find it much better option than others. I do find it annoying to have to wait till I have a decent supply of ender pearls to make the item conduits. I would like to suggest that there be two types of item conduits.
The first would be made with iron and the conduit binder. This would move at a standard rate.
The second would use the existing formula. It would act like the Impulse Ducts where it moves the items at double speed.
The effect of this would mean that in mid game when you have not gotten many pearls, you can still have item routing. As it is I usually fall back on ducts, but when I upgrade to the conduits I have a lot of wasted stuff.
Submitted by Warderbrad on 4/22/2019 8:48 PM

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I feel dumb I forgot to vote on my own suggestion. I have done this now and would welcome supporters.
Submitted by Warderbrad on 4/30/2019 11:38 PM

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