Martian Studios  from Eduardo Spielberg

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It's your lucky day! Eduardo Spielberg, Steven Spielberg's little brother, is trying to become a movie mogul like his older brother.  He's trying to push Steven out of the way. He wants himself and his company, Martian Studios, to be "top (movie) dog".

He has come to you for help! He needs you to come up with the best movie pitches ever! Check out the forums, make suggestions for Eduardo, you never know what will spark his mind for the next Block Buster Movie of the century!


Basic Storyline(6 topics)

What should the movie's basic plot be? Should it be neverending? (get it?)

Epic Movie Title(7 topics)

A movie is nothing without its title! Eduardo needs a title for his film. What is a catchy, fun, interesting, unique... whatever! name for a block buster for Eduardo? If you can't think of any, but you like one that is already posted... VOTE on it! :)

Leading Lady or Gent(9 topics)

The person chosen for the leading role of this film needs to be able to command an audience. What lady or lad do you think should be the star?

Suggest the best leading lad or lady for our epic film

Oddest Plot Twist?(2 topics)

What might be a particularly odd plot twist in the movie?

Which Genre Will Make This Movie Sell? (6 topics)

I want to find out from the fans... what movies sell the best? Horror? Action? Chick Flicks? Drama? Romance? Which will sell the best and why?

Which Genre Will Make My Movie Sell? I must beat Steven!

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