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In a patients encounter: Under Invoice: Bill Ready

When you are in a patients encounter under the invoice:
The check off box for the bill ready is in the lower hand corner of the field. This check off box should be next to the Save and Close selection on the upper right hand corner. Many times we save and close and do not do bill ready because it is not in a convenient place on the screen. If it is next to the Save and Close you would always see and be aware of the status of the Bill Ready being checked or not checked.
Status: Completed
TRAKnet Admin
Thank you for your suggestion. We are pleased to inform you that this has been released into the most recent version of TRAKnet on 9/14/2017. To read more about the other items in this update, please check our Wiki site, here:
Submitted by Garey on 9/22/2016 3:17 PM

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Please do this. It should be fairly simple to move a button from bottom to the top.
Submitted by Columbus Podiatry on 5/2/2017 8:16 PM

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