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Patient Chart Indicators Created By Admin

There should be some kind of visual indicator on the patient's chart when something notable applies, e.g. in collections, deceased, inactive, outstanding balance.
Status: Completed
TRAKnet Admin
Thank you for your suggestion. We are pleased to inform you that this has been released into the most recent version of TRAKnet on 9/14/2017. To read more about the other items in this update, please check our Wiki site, here:
Submitted by TRAKnet Admin on 8/10/2016 3:32 PM

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Great idea! If I have more info on openning chart=clicks. Also insurance info would be excellent all carriers have different wants in note and how they want billing.
Submitted by Mike Ackley on 9/27/2016 6:10 PM
I actually added "Date sent to collection" on my work space so when a patient is sent to collections the date is populated automatically however, an indicator would be awesome.
Submitted by Foot Doc on 9/27/2016 5:57 PM
We use Alert Pop ups for that, although that only shows when you open the record
Submitted by Marilou on 9/13/2016 7:45 PM

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