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Having the same episode in multiple spoken languages

Lets say there is a Show which is airing episodes in English spoken language. The same show is also airing in the Netherlands with Dutch spoken language for kids.
The parents want to watch in English and the kids in Dutch.

(Option 1)
In this case it would be nice to keep 2 files for the same episode, just like it is already possible with subtitle files.
For one episode there would be 2 video files which can be renamed like for instance:
1x01 - Do you see what I see [eng].mp4
1x01 - Do you see what I see [dut].mp4

(Option 2)
Most likely, when the same show is also being aired in Dutch, the episode names will also be in Dutch.
In that case there would be 2 video files for 1 episode like:
1x01 - Do you see what I see.mp4
1x01 - Zie jij wat ik zie.mp4

I think it is going to take some major changes within the programs code to make this possible.
So perhaps this is something to be implemented in the future V3 of TVR.

Personally I think this option is going to be very welcome for TVR users with kids.
Submitted by fotofrank on 9/29/2018 3:45 AM

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I think is better multiple root folder (one for Language)
Submitted by Luca on 9/14/2019 7:39 PM

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