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Add a related object to an existing object

I'd like to be able to
- call up an existing object
- click "Add Related Object"
- select a Content Model for that object
- select an ontology of relationships (say, Fedora's, Islandora's, or a local one)
- the pick a specific relationship from that ontology (to be put into the RELS-EXT) for the related object
- finally upload a zip file of the object containing the metadata and content
- Islandora will then create that object in Fedora using the selected Content Model and create the appropriate RELS-EXT statement.

Use Case:
A PDF file, say, a thesis
Related files:
- Notes in Word docx format
- PowerPoint presentation of the thesis presentation
- Biography of the student
Submitted by Peter MacDonald on 8/23/2013 9:12 PM

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